Hidden Secrets to Conquer a Stressful Day Part 1

Have you ever had a stressful day?

What happened?

What did you do about it?

Who or what was it that caused you to experience a stressful day?

Was it your job, family, money issues or did the roof caved in?

How did you conquer or win over your stressful day?

Did you conquer your stress? Or are you coping and dealing with it?

As mommies and or caretakers, a stressful day will happen here and there.

Often, we have to deal with stressful situations too.

But have you ever had a stressful day that was like no other?
A day where it seems as if everything that could go wrong, went wrong? A day where you felt overwhelmed?

How about a stressful day where you wanted to scream?

Identifying what or who causes you to have a stressful day is critical to your health and that of your family.

Regardless of what or who causes you to have a stressful day, I want you to know that you can conquer the cause of your stress.

I will show you some hidden secrets that you can use whenever you have a stressful day.

In addition to conquering over a stressful day, I will show you how to immediately change the atmosphere when stress begins to creep up on you.

You Must Recognize When You Are Stressed.


This week was unusually stressful for me. In the past, I didn’t allow a stressful day to affect me.
However, today was such a stressful day that I wanted to cry.

But instead, I went outside for a walk, to talk to myself and encourage myself in the Lord.

In the back of my mind, I knew it was the enemy that was working through an individual to cause me to have an unusually stressful day.

Stress is a serious issue for us all, which is why we need to be on guard about a stressful day.

What or Who Is Causing You to Have A Stressful Day?

Identifying your stressor is very important.

You must pinpoint what or who is causing you to have a stressful day.
Once you have identified your stressor, then you can address and conquer it with these hidden secrets.

I am fully aware that not every mom can be a stay at home mom or work from home.

For 19 years, I was a single mom with no support. Which means by the time I got married my daughter was an adult

Therefore, I had to work to provide a comfortable life and home for us.

Would you like to read more about our story?

Is Your Job Your Stressor?

Are you a mom who still works outside of the home?

Is your job causing you to experience a stressful day here and there?

Is your stressor someone at work?

Who is your stressor at work?

Is it your co-worker? Your boss perhaps?

Maybe your workload stresses you out?

Are you stressing because of finances?

What Does the Bible Say About Stress?


John 10:10; The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly

Have you ever heard the saying “stress kills?”

Well, in the space of 6 months I lost my stepfather and an aunt to stress.

While we all deal with a stressful day and situations, it is important that we do not allow stress to overwhelm us.

The enemy; the devil, is an agitator.
In the verse above you read that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.

He doesn’t do it physically himself, but he will use various people to try to cause you to have a stressful day.

Therefore, as mommies, we need to be on the alert. We need to have our antennas up so that we can recognize when stress is approaching.

Why does the enemy want to Kill You?

The enemy wants to kill you because you would be one less example of God. You would be one less person that will give God praise.

The enemy will use stress to steal your peace and your joy. Therefore, he will use various individuals and situations to get you out of your happy and peaceful place.

If he can steal your peace, joy and have you upset and angry, that will make him very happy. However, that would cause you to have a stressful day.

Stress will destroy you!

Imagine if you are so stressed that you can’t sleep, rest or eat?

Some mommies’ stress levels are so high that they have to take medication to control it.

The enemy will use people to stress you out intentionally. Therefore, this is why it’s important to identify your stressors.

How Does Stress Affect You?

The American Heart Association lists some Common responses to stress.

The following is a direct quote from the American Heart Association:

Aches and Pains*

● Headache
● Backache
● Neck ache
● Stomach ache
● Tight muscles
● Clenched jaw

Energy Level and Sleep*

● Feeling tired without a good reason
● Trouble sleeping


● Anxiety
● Anger
● Depression
● Helplessness
● Out of control
● Tense

Other Emotional Signs

● Easily irritated
● Impatient
● Forgetful

How Do You Respond?


When you are under stress, do any of these behaviors apply to you?

● I eat to calm down.
● I speak and eat very fast.
● I drink alcohol or smoke to calm down.
● I rush around but do not get much done.
● I work too much.
● I delay doing the things I need to do.
● I sleep too little, too much or both.
● I slow down.
● I try to do too many things at once.

So as you can see from the direct quote from The American Heart Association, stress can have life-changing effects on you.

How Else Does Stress Affect You?

Additionally, I realized that when I’m having a stressful day, I am not 100% myself.

I am not able to minister to my family to the best of my ability.

The family is the most important structure, and anything that affects family is an enemy.

What Can You Do?

For the next few days, I found ways to be more of a blessing to my family:
● Do something special for my husband (Make his favorite meal)
● Help my 23-year-old daughter to clean her room or wash her clothes
● Do whatever my two year wants to do

What can you do to be a blessing to your family?

First, if your stress level is extremely high, I suggest that you go to your nearest emergency room or contact your primary care doctor immediately

Remember, identifying your stressor is necessary!

Whatever or whoever here is secret #1 to conquer a stressful day at work.

Hidden Secret #1-Talk to Yourself

When I was experiencing a stressful day, I took a walk and I talked to myself.

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 103:1-2

David said “Bless and affectionately praise the LORD, O my soul, And all that is [deep] within me, bless His holy name. Bless and affectionately praise the LORD, O my soul, And do not forget any of His benefits;”

King David was experiencing a stressful day, and he had to talk to himself.
He encouraged himself in the Lord when he said: “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me.”

Like King David, sometimes, you must talk to yourself and remind yourself of who you are.

What do you say?

Say the following:

● Lord thank you that you love me
● I am blessed and favored by you and all who I meet
● My family loves me, and I love them
● I have the peace of God
● All is well in Jesus’ name

● I love and pray for my enemies
● I bless others, and they bless me too
● I pray for my enemies and those who despitefully use me
● I am patient and kind
● Lord thank you for blessing me with a long, blessed, happy and satisfied life.
● I bless my husband and my children.

How did that make you feel?

It forced me to feel empowered because I was speaking the Word of the Lord over myself.

The Word of the Lord breathes life, health, strength, a renewed mind and all things great.

Once you feel empowered, then you are ready to move on to Hidden Secret #2 which goes hand and hand with Secret #1.

But before we move on to secret #2, let’s take a break and think about all that we have discussed.

Are there any of the thoughts above, that you need to say to yourself a few times to get them in your heart and spirit?

Take some time and rehearse those thoughts and add some of your own.

What are some things you can say to yourself to help you get through a stressful day?


Leave a comment below and share with me some things you say to yourself to encourage yourself.

Check back for the 2nd part of this article.

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Thx much


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  1. Janice, this is so good! It may not surprise you but my street relief is eating. Afterall, stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS!!!!
    I always enjoy reading your articles. Your writing is so “down to earth” easy to read and understand. I hope you continue with your writing. You are truly gifted!

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